Community Connections at GHF, Inc. is a Community Resource Center that enables people with cognitive disabilities to live at their highest level of independence. Formerly called Belfast Industries, we changed our name to illustrate the importance of Community Connections in the lives of our clientele. A place to learn, grow and integrate with community, our clients learn collaboration, communication, leadership and life skills. Our committed staff prides itself on providing physical and emotional support through educational, social and recreational activities. Many people seeking services at Community Connections utilize a combination of services offered.

Home Support for Independent Living helps people to live in their own home or apartment. Services are individualized and may include assistance with basic home care duties such as cleaning, grocery shopping, menu planning, paying bills and banking, medical appointments, understanding documents…empowering the individual to gain confidence and independence. Read Mary’s Story.

Work Support for Earning and Learning provides an opportunity for people that want to work to gain income, skills, independence, and pride while working for local businesses. Employment Specialists help people with disabilities obtain and maintain a job within the community that matches their interests, skills, and abilities, while providing individualized training in the areas of work ethics, safety, social and personal skills.

Community Supports are provided to enable adults with intellectual disabilities to keep a sense of independence, grow in their skills, and remain as knowledgeable about their community as possible. At our home base in Belfast, people in our programs can choose to learn about cooking, nutrition, travel or may participate in the planting of our garden. The produce grown is used in our cooking program or donated to “Grow a Row for the Needy.” Others focus their time on learning skills necessary for life: work, leisure, safety or spending time in the therapeutic recreational room with the guidance of an occupational therapist. Our facility is open Tuesday through Friday each week.

Staying active during the day is important to everyone’s health and well-being. Individuals choose a schedule that may include attending the local YMCA, joining area programs, groups, educational classes, bowling, picnics, hosting dinners, dances, and various other events. Skills are practiced in the community such as progressing through the checkout line and paying for items purchased, using the local laundry mat and utilizing resources at the library. Volunteering at the local food cupboard, cleaning the Methodist Church, delivering food for the Meals on Wheels Program, bagging bulk items at the co-op, washing books at the library are some of the ways that we integrate with the community. For individuals with disabilities, the chance to go out into the community and serve others can change perspectives…their own and those of others.

For Seniors, The Leisure Group is an enrichment program to help maintain skills and enjoy personal achievements in a more relaxed environment. This program allows older adults with developmental disabilities to participate in a program with less physical activity.

Building upon the years of experience providing individualized planning, GHF, Inc. has become a provider of Community Case Management (CCM) for adults with developmental disabilities. The case manager works with the individual and team members to develop individualized plans that identify needs, coordinate services and monitor progress.

Community Connections is accredited by CARF International, a not-for-profit organization that accredits human services providers throughout the United States, Canada, and Western Europe in the areas of rehabilitation, employment, aging, and family services. To learn more about CARF, visit

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